Reportedly the FBI agency raided Jesse Powell’s home over his alleged involvement in the hacking and cyberstalking activities linked with non-profit arts group.Jesse Powell is co-founder of Kraken Exchange, which launched in 2013. He has been CEO of this exchange until last year. In 2007, Powell founded a nonprofit arts group Verge Center for the Arts. In 2012 Powell decided to bring a new & secure crypto investment platform, following the hack & collapse of the Mt.Gox exchange.On 6 July 2023, New York Times reported that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) raided Powell’s home and reportedly seized all electronic equipment.Reportedly the Verge Center for the Arts alleged that Kraken’s former CEO interfered with their computer accounts by blocking access to emails and other messages from art group contributors. In connection with these allegations, the FBI raided Powell’s house in March of this year, and also the main investigation was started in September of the last year. A Kraken spokesperson also confirmed that there is not any kind of crypto-related activities involved in the mentioned case and also Kraken is not linked with the ongoing investigation. The FBI officials so far failed to initiate charges or accuse Powell of any kind of criminal activity.Kraken crypto exchange vs SEC Kraken is the second top biggest crypto exchange in the US. In Feb of this year, the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Kraken Exchange over unregistered crypto staking services, which was against traditional federal securities laws.To end the battle with the SEC body, the Kraken team decided to settle the case with a $30 million fine & also suspended Crypto staking services for American customers.Read also: Russian ministry seeks crypto ban (Report)