Orbits is a decentralized exchange built on a Layer 2 solution using zk-rollups, offering users fast and efficient trading while maintaining high levels of security. The platform provides much to traders, including a wide range of synthetic asset exposures, 20x leverage, and a professional trading interface. But how does Orbits’ profitability compare to its competitors? In this article, we’ll delve into the competitive advantages of Orbits DEX and assess its revenue potential for enhanced profitability.

Competitive Advantages of Orbits DEX:

Orbits DEX has several advantages over other DEX products currently available in the market:
  • Orderbook: One of the primary benefits of Orbits is its order book-style DEX, which supports trading at market prices or pending orders at limit prices. Traders can view their positions and historical orders, making it easier to manage their portfolios. Orbits also support multichain spot and derivative transactions, allowing users to trade more than 500 tokens on multiple blockchains.
  • Low Cost: Additionally, Orbits offers low-cost and high-performance transactions due to its settlement layer being on L2. With zk-SNARK technology, transaction costs are significantly reduced, with costs being lower than 1/40 of the main chain. Transactions are executed instantly, and the main chain is confirmed in seconds, making it ideal for high-frequency trading.
  • Secure Transactions: Safety is also a core feature of Orbits, thanks to zk-SNARK technology. The technology provides zero-knowledge proof, ensuring safe and private transactions.
  • Better Liquidity + Trading Depth: The aggregator feature of Orbits allows it to share the transaction pool with other platforms and DEXs, which can form a better transaction depth. This feature provides traders with better liquidity and improved trading depth.
  • Scalability: Finally, the Orbits ecosystem has scalability, thanks to the implementation of SaaS. Although SaaS has not been launched yet, it is expected to be used to implement modular subchains, which can be independent DEXs or shared with Orbits. This feature allows for the creation of multiple sub-chains, achieving an unlimited expansion of transaction efficiency through modular and customizable sub-chains.
In summary, Orbits DEX provides a unique and advanced trading experience for traders, offering a safer, more cost-effective, and scalable trading platform.
Orbits Revenue Model and Fees:  Orbits DEX has the most innovative revenue distribution model while charging minimal fees for enhanced user profitability:
  • Revenue Distribution Model:
One of Orbits’ key advantages is its revenue distribution model. The platform returns 50% of its trading fees to users in a rewards pool, incentivizing users to trade and hold tokens.
  • Synthetic Assets:
Orbits also offer a wide range of synthetic asset exposures, a key advantage for traders who want to diversify their portfolios instead of trading among limited pairs within the pool.
  • Fees:
Orbits’ one-time derivative fee of 0.05% for closing positions is competitive among the cex and dex market, whose fees range from 0.05% to 0.2%. Take GMX as an example, it charges a 0.1% fee for opening and closing positions. And here are specific calculations (model algorithm):
  1. Transaction Fee Income for users:
Assume $200 million trade is happening on Orbits per day ($20 million for spot and $200 million for derivative trade)
Spot fees Derivative fees Total 50% for reward pool
$20m * 0.1%=$20,000 $200m * 0.05%=$100,000 $120,000 $60,000 for users
  1. Quantitative Strategy Earnings: 
An average annual return of around 30%. Overall, Orbits’ revenue distribution model, competitive fees, and synthetic asset exposures make it a strong contender in the decentralized exchange market.
Orbits Core Value Preposition:  Orbits DEX is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange that offers a superior trading experience.
  • Zk-SNARKs Security (as Ethereum):
With Zk-snarks technology backed by Ethereum, you can trust that your transactions will be secure and private.
  • Strategy Enabled:
Orbits platform is also strategy enabled, giving you the flexibility to execute your trades quickly.
  • 50% Reward Pool:
Half of the transaction fees generated in Orbits will be put into the reward pool and distributed back to the users!
  • Fast (instant confirmation≤10ms):
Additionally, Orbits’ lightning-fast confirmation times of ≤10ms ensure you can trade confidently and take advantage of real-time market opportunities.
  • Low Cost (approx. $0.001 transaction fees):
And with transaction fees as low as $0.001, Orbits DEX is an affordable option for traders of all sizes. Join us today and experience the future of decentralized trading.

The Takeaway – Future of Decentralized Trading:

The Orbits platform is based on a Layer 2 solution that uses zk-rollups, a technology that ensures fast and efficient trading without sacrificing security. The team is focused on building a user-friendly and professional trading interface that will appeal to novice and experienced traders. All these unique features and benefits will revolutionize the world of decentralized trading and ensure a unique and reliable trading experience for its users. For more regarding Orbit Dcx: https://linktr.ee/orbits_